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Litigation & Mediation

Are you involved in a civil lawsuit? Do you need a new set of eyes and a fresh approach to help appeal a legal decision? Are you looking for a quicker, less expensive possible alternative to litigation or help with a settlement?

Rinehart, Rishel & Cuckler, Ltd. is here to help.

Civil & appellate litigation involves a dispute between two or more parties that seek money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions.

Mediation aims to assist parties in reaching agreements in a wide range of disputes more efficiently than litigation. A mediator is an impartial party who uses negotiating techniques and other acquired skills to open and/or improve dialogue between the parties with the goal of reaching a settlement.


We represent clients in most types of civil litigation, whether it be a lawsuit for damages or an action for injunctive relief. You can be an individual or a business; a plaintiff or a defendant. Specific litigation areas include:

  • Contracts
  • Tort
  • Real Property
  • Statutory Actions
  • Administrative Cases
  • And more…

We have handled cases both in state & federal courts and state & federal appeals, to include the United States Court of Federal Claims, Ohio Supreme Court, and United States Supreme Court, as well as state & federal agencies.

We can also offer a certified Civil Mediator for matters in which there are either obstacles to settlement or an alternative to litigation is desired. Our certified Civil Mediator spent more than 15 years as a county common pleas judge and directed the creation of a joint court mediation program through six Northwest Ohio counties.

Call on our extensive knowledge and experience in litigation and mediation to help you with your civil lawsuit or settlement dispute. Reach out to us.

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